Shipping Policy


Global Shipping with MPL (Hungarian Post): 4000 HUF Gross (€10/$12)

Express Shipping: 10.000 HUF (€26/$30)


This text has been translated automatically from Hungarian. In case of disputes the original Hungarian policy is valid. This policy is only for information purposes. 

Modes of Delivery and Delivery Fees

FoxPost Parcel Terminal

FoxPost offers a simple, flexible, contactless, and eco-friendly way to receive and send packages. If you request your order to be delivered to any FoxPost parcel terminal, you don't have to wait all day for the courier. These terminals are easily accessible at various locations nationwide, both indoors and outdoors, and are available from morning to evening. Once we hand over the package to FoxPost, they will deliver it to the terminal within one business day and send you an SMS with a notification and a unique code, which you can use to pick up your package within three days.

Important: Payment at the terminals can only be made by bank card.

For a list of terminals and more information, visit FoxPost. No fees are charged to you.

FoxPost Home Delivery

If you prefer, FoxPost can deliver the package right to your door! Once we hand over your package to FoxPost, their couriers will deliver it anywhere in the country within two business days. You don't have to be on standby all day; they deliver within a 2-hour time window. FoxPost will send you an SMS and email notification, which includes the courier's phone number and the cash-on-delivery amount.

For more information, visit FoxPost. The fee for this delivery method is HUF 2150 gross.

MPL Courier Service

A convenient and simple way to receive packages. You can pay by bank card or cash. Delivery can be requested to your home or even your workplace. Nationwide coverage. Two delivery attempts are included in the base fee.

For more information, visit MPL. The fee for this delivery method is HUF 4000 gross.

Delivery Deadline

The general delivery deadline for orders is a maximum of 30 days from the order confirmation. If the Seller is delayed, the Buyer has the right to set an additional deadline. If the Seller does not fulfill the order within this additional deadline, the Buyer has the right to cancel the contract.

Reservation of Rights, Property Clause

If you have previously ordered goods and failed to receive them during delivery (excluding cases where you exercised your right of withdrawal), or if the goods were returned to the seller marked as "unclaimed," the Seller may require prepayment of the purchase price and shipping costs for fulfilling the order.

The Seller may withhold delivery of the goods until they are convinced that the electronic payment for the goods has been successfully completed (including cases where the Buyer pays by bank transfer in a currency other than the Seller's and the Seller does not receive the full amount due to exchange rates and bank fees). If the full price is not paid, the Seller may call upon the Buyer to supplement the purchase price.